Does anyone have any related experience of vitiligo?

1. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease. It's good you are doing something. I know from my son-in-law (who has it) that it can develop into other autoimmune illnesses. Detox is the main thing to concentrate on. The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson is mentioned in a Spooky guide, and this will help you to find out if there are any contributing emotions. There can be familial and/or dna components, and there are Spooky Programs which may help here. But a Spooky detox, and clearing any contributing Trapped Emotions, should be a big help.

2. A family member has Vitiligo. I have been unsuccessful attaining any positive results using either Hz freqs or Radionincs. There was a local family who was successful at re-pigmenting their daughter but the factors were: the child was young, they switched to all organic vegetarian diet and eliminated chemicals and pesticides from their home. They also used PABA and supplements. Florida sunshine may have been helpful.
I would therefore say that it is doubtful that frequencies alone will generate re-pigmentation.

3. I was looking at on-line CAFL list and noticed there was quite a lot on vitiligo:

For more details, please check the link:

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