AVM arteriovenous malformation is a progressive Illness. I would be glad to hear your advice.


1. There is a complex physical change in this ill, but I know symptoms can be eased, like pain, circulation problems,etc. There are several healing, regeneration and circulation programs in the database, I would try in my self those first, for longer period, like weeks. Almost every frequency has more than one effect in our body, many of them has multiple benefits, so even not finding a program with the title for this condition, it can be eased with programs for others condition that works on the same "type" of disease.

The biofeedback should be the best shot, I forgot that! Second will be similar programs to the condition, circulation, healing/regeneration sets.

Tuff situations indeed should be taken care off from a larger approach, diet, lifestyle, Spooky2 and others healing tools/nutrients is best thing indeed.

2.It may well be that AVM has a number of these issues as part of the "disease" process that creates the malformation - or that there are sufficient similarities that the frequency would be helpful - or that no one has actually used the term AVM when using the related frequencies in a program that addresses the symptoms of AVM. If your biofeedback says these are the frequencies you most need to be addressing at this time.

3.Frequencies show in the picture:


For more details, please check the link:

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