Can spooky2 help this hyperpigmentation?


1. It is possible that detox will help. I know some dark age spots are lessened by detox, so this is a possible method of removal.

2.I read about it and says that it is a sign that the donor’s immune system is working to destroy any remaining cancer cells but maybe if they're all gone the body is still working overtime. I saw a KHZ setting in Spooky called Immune Complex Diseases for work on antigens. It might help. And also Immune System Stimulate Normalize. And there's 2 Vitiligo settings as well but you prob already know that. There are also inflammation settings as well essential oils that relax like lavender that might help too. I wonder how your body is processing iron now? Just something in my mind. Have you ever tried E3 Live Blue Green Algae? It like remineralizing the cells and it absorbs so well. Feels like you need gentle blue things to enrich the blood. Spooky also has blue green algae frequency. I wonder if there are any viruses related to your cancer that your body still is trying to fight? Just a thought. Terrain Protocol always rocks. Today I got mad at work for something stupid and I just could not quit thinking about it. I get madder at myself than others when I don't act perfectly. I ran the Anger setting in Spooky finally and now I feel just fine. It's like when you get a headache and refuse to take a Advil and then when you finally do you say now why have I been suffering all this time? Of course with Spooky I don't take those methods. There are a couple of settings in there Fear, and Emotional Patterns Release, other things that might be helpful. I assume you are off wheat and dairy etc since you mentioned diet. You seem to be doing so well.

3. Green tea. 5 or 6 times a day.

Frankincense every 2 hours

That will amount lots more.
Kill fungus. Anarobic.backteriour.
Detoxify and kill free radicals.

4.Yes long term detox - not forgetting radiation detox (xrays) and vaccine detox, and any other toxins coming from intense medical treatment.

The current thinking on autoimmune is that viruses may be responsible - especially the Reovirus and possibly EBV. Mold is also implicated as a trigger.

The Morgellons and Lyme protocol has some virus sets and fungus and mold (amongst other useful detoxes).

5. My suggestion:


Cicero galli Coimbra vitamin d protocol

Auto hemothrapy

Leaky gut


Gerson diet


Activated charcoal

6.Go onto a gluten and dairy free diet, cut your red meat intake if you eat it, if you can cut it out completely even better! Make bone broth and drink it ( loads of recipe ideas online) remove harmful household/personal care products and up your intake of fresh organic fruit and veg! Your body will purge like mad and heal! Intermittent fasting would probably prove benefit too.

7.Colloidal gold will directly influence auto immune related conditions. I synthesize my own but its available for purchase as well.

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