Advice for Intensive Care Protocol and help yourself fit with Intensive Care Protocol.

I started the ICP 2 days ago (4 generators), with plans to rescan and repeat at least 3 five-day sessions. I had to delay my first contact session (emergency that kept me awake all night, so I couldn't do it while I slept). So I'm about 42 hours into the remote work, and just finishing up my first contact session. It's intense, for sure!

It's my opinion that when doing this level (sometimes *any* level) of frequency work/killing, we must support our bodies *above & beyond* the frequency support. Of course, a minimum of a gallon of pure water everyday is essential...but I'm adding 2-6 coffee enemas daily (I already do 2 per day--my toxic/burden is 'over the top' and my biliary/liver channels are extremely narrowed throughout a congested, fibrotic, parasite-riddled liver my scans hit on several different kinds of liver cancer).

I will also be:
--subbing organic juices for all meals possible (over 60% of the body's energy daily is spent on the process of digestion & elimination - I need that energy to detox and to heal)
--activated charcoal slurries (1 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder in 8oz of water/juice), probably 3/4 a day, but more if needed.
--psyllium/flax/herb/benonite blend for detoxification and to ensure regular bowel movements (and herbs to ensure 2-3bms daily if needed. We must ensure at least 2 bms daily when killing & detoxifying)
--eliminate ALL poison frequencies & radiation (turn off the wifi router, cell/dumb phones and other gizmos that are proven to adversely affect every organ, system and cell of the body (which is no problem here, because our phones & 'puters are solidly hardwired here)
--dry skin brushing to support lymphatic flow
--hot/cold showers to increase circulation (which also supports lymphatic flow).
--plenty of sleep

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