I have been struggling with hormonal acne for most of my life. Just recently I got serious about using the Spooky2 every night (while I sleep). Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

1. Detox and running the acne treatments often does it (I've checked some old posts).

If nothing has worked, then you need to think about parasites (like ascaris and others) which can cause this.

Another thought, have you you tried killing the Propionibacterium (in database).

If you want a great Contact Detox, try the Footbath (C) - JW from the Presets tab, Detox\Contact folder. I use the two tub method described in the Preset Notes to the right when this Preset is selected.

2. You have to really eliminate starchy carbs, and foods that create inflammation. Secondly, detox your liver so it can handle all the toxins that are being forced out through your skin. Spooky can help with that.

3. Take samples of debris, pus, etc from the pores, place on paper tape and run an environmental killing sweep (spectrum, converge) - reduced my spots by 50% after a week on remote. The theory is to target the bacteria and fungi in the pore which is causing the spots. Still getting some bigger spots / whiteheads, but significant reduction in blackheads / dirty looking pores.

Dairy is a devil for hormonal acne - think about it - cows milk is full of hormones and drinking it turns a 60lb calf into a 1000lb animal in a year or so. also conventional dairy is full of antibiotics which mess up your skin and gut flora. Try swapping to goats milk, or cut dairy out entirely. 6 weeks for the results to show. Maybe with Spooky2 running you will significantly shorten that time.

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