When would you use the 70-day Terrain Single Step presets? Is it sometimes necessary to do more detox than the 11-day Terrain protocol?

Someone else may ring in here but my take would be as follows:
You know what compounds are to be removed and want to focus solely on them as well as organs but in particular order. In such case you can tailor detox accordingly, rather then run 11 days preset which is general. You may be undergoing particular protocol which requires specific detox 24/7 so you may select the steps necessary and run only them for extended period of time, while skipping compounds (and saving time while preset loops back to the beginning) which aren't known to be problematic.

I used to run 11 day protocol two times in a row. This preset will actually self loop and run continuously unless you select the value in the program settings (bottom of the screen under the Program tab) telling software how many times it should repeat. "Zero" means that it will run until manually stopped.

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