I use my DNA samples in the remotes and when I ran the terrain protocol, it seems that my brother possibly herxed from roughly only 2-3 days of it. We are brothers, so of course there is some DNA shared.

The only way for the remote sessions to affect your brother is that your brother's DNA is present in the remote while running the programs.

One has to be VERY careful when handling the remotes, as the specimen can get contaminated very easily. Also if you touch with your bare hands the remote, your DNA is left over the device. Same thing if someone else touched it.

If I were you, I would clean the remote with a little alcohol and some cotton swabs inside and outside, thoroughly. Let it dry before using it again.

Also, when handling specimens always wear gloves, and don't let anyone touch the specimens or the remote with the bare hands to avoid contamination.

If you showed your brother your packed nailclippings or the remote, and he touched them, his DNA is present, and thus actually receiving the sessions also.

Most of the time it is the same if there is a little contamination or not, but sometimes, as in your case, it is mandatory to avoid it.

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