Is it still a good idea to run these ''unknown frequencies'' through the IC since they do not have correlation?

1. This is the whole point of a biofeedback scan.

The #s you got resonated in your system, prioritized by the body.

The body does not lie. Our minds try to put labels on everything, but the reality is that even if it matched a reverse lookup, the label you get back most likely is not the reason it was reported back for.

The #s you get back are already the best frequencies to run. Not a frequency set that had matched a reverse lookup.

I had a very serious issue on my back that I was able to deal with via biofeedback alone. The reverse lookup was interesting but not very helpful. I just trusted the process and it worked.

Later after I found out what it really was that was the source of the issue, I could see in the reverse lookup that it did in fact nail the issue, but it was impossible to use the information to diagnose with.

Just trust in those numbers, and run with it.

Also, many run the reverse lookup with something like a .1% tolerance level. The reality is that MOR % resonance is only .025%

If you ran your reverse lookup with this where true resonance happens, you'll find most reverse lookups will report 0 hits.

The .1% shows you what is close, but if you run the #s and the math, it really is still a mile away from being a real match.

2. They have no correlation, which is why they are so powerful.
There is no chance of misdiagnoses, missing all the underlying and contributory causes, or missing any of the other factors that make western medicine so limited.
These frequencies are what your body brings up, and what it needs treated. The body does not lie or misdiagnose.

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