Can someone tell me what the difference between the spooky 2 is from all these other rife machines?

Different brands, different specifications on their hardware capabilities, price, and ancillary options.

Things to look at to compare:

1. Method of delivery. Many of those do plasma, but have limits. For instance, some can only generate up to 400,000 Hz with a fixed carrier. Others do not support remote application.

Spooky2 can generate 0 - 25 MHz via all methods other than plasma. Plasma is from 0 - 3.5 MHz direct -- no carrier needed.

2. Price. Many if not all of the others are priced higher.

3. Ease of use. Some are easy to use, but maybe less flexible as they are driven by a hardware based console. You simply select a pre-built program and go or enter in a code and go.

Spooky2 is software driven.

4. Finally, the last thing I can think of is pre-programmed information.

Spooky2 comes with probably the largest database and protocols that the others just do not.

For more details, please check the link:

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