I want to run the Intensive Care protocol, why can not find the double HRV tolerance?

Now we can use the biofeedback panel instead of double HRV in the system tab, please see the following picture:


During a biofeedback scan, sometimes the person moves, causing a bad reading. Now they can set the range of good readings.

Anything out of the limits is regarded as "bad data" and ignored.
Spooky has always had this, but it was internally set by myself.
Now users can do it themselves.

Some people have very high HRV for example, or low pulse rates (including myself).
So now there is no reason for biofeedback to "lock up" due to the data being out of range.

If the movement causes the BPM to raise above 120 BPM, then the biofeedback will not advance to the next frequency.

Simply set a higher value for Max HRV in the System tab, biofeedback limits pane (upper right). Try 25, 30, or even 35. If you go too high, the system will accept every reading, and that's not good either.

For more details, please check the link: 


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