Has anyone used Spooky2 to get rid of a Lipoma? and if so, it says to use Liver Support so do I have to use all of those programs too? There are quite a few.

If there are too many programs, one way to reduce them is to use a Grade Program Biofeedback scan to let the body tell you which are the best right now.

Yes, running Liver support would be a great start. May try the Terrain Single Step R07 for Liver. Most lipomas are simply waste that the body couldn't get rid of due to whatever reason, so stored it into some fatty tissue.

Be careful, though, as pathogens love to set up housekeeping in fat, since there isn't much blood flow, so white cells don't bother them too much there. Start housecleaning and could disturb them and cause yourself significant infections as they look for new residences.

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