Does it matter which side of the PEMF coil is touching the skin?

1. Yes. One side has an imprint of BN. I remember the BN should be BODY NEXT TO to remember what side goes down. Also remember BN is the first and last letters of Body down.

2. YES! This matters. It's already been answered above but I want to stress this importance, especially if using the PEMF wand for treating infections or illness. The BN (bio-north) emits a negative magnetic field. So obviously, the opposite side is the positive side. If you place the positive side over an infection, you could make it worse. Positive magnetic fields have been shown to increase cellular growth, especially in pathogens. Please do not make this mistake. You could do 10 sessions using the BN side of the PEMF coil and then one session where you accidentally use the opposite side can cancel out any benefit you may have had or make things worse.

Now if you are using the PEMF wand for healing injuries like broken bones or torn tissue, there is some evidence that in certain cases, using the bio-south (positive) field will be more beneficial but if you are untrained in the use of magnet therapy, it's a safer bet to just stick with the BN.

There's a lot of conflicting information on the topic but here is an excellent article.

For more details, please check the link:

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