My prostate cancer has apparently spread to my digestive system. I neglected to do anything for several years other than some holistic measures, now I have blood in the stool and gurgling in my intestines and fullness in my stomach. My appetite is gone.

1. Medicinal Cannabis which includes but is not limited to CBD, THC and THCa. Smoking not required. Raw is best if access permits. Combine with astute use of Spooky Central Plasma, and never give up! Namaste! Success to you!

2.Consider also doing high dose lipsomal vitamin C
See videos in post No. 6

3.I have finished reading a book called The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundy, M.D.
He has a diet that has cured at least one person of cancer two times different kinds of cancer. I bought it on Amazon but I am sure it is available at other places.

Gundy diet testimonial.pdf

I am going to follow the diet even though I had made recent progress in treating my metastatic prostate cancer. I will attempt to answer any questions you might have. I was diagnosed with PC in March 2000.

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