Anyone knows how to set up for killing Astrocytoma? My friend’s swelling grew from .9 sm to 3 sm over the past 2 months! Any suggestions?

Astrocytoma is in database. Many have found this PDF by Johann Stegmann useful (search astrocytoma in doc).

Be careful about 'killing'. In previous post about brain tumors and astrocytoma, this was the advice from expert Jeff:

Jeff Kaczor The settings in the killing preset may detract from the healing frequencies ability to work efficiently. Therefore, progress may be slower.

I have learnt from this. I always thought cancer had to be killed, killed, killed.

But I now see and understand Jeff's point that using something like the Square wave, which has good healing and some killing properties, maybe best answer.

Cancer is not like a parasite or bacteria to be killed at all costs: it's part of us, which has gone astray.

For more details, please check the link:

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