Need advice for IC protocol using tens pads. We tried to use contact twice and had to abandon due to extreme leg/nerve pain. This pain has continued. Could there have been damage done because of high frequencies interacting with metal?

1. Contact is not recommended when metal pins are inserted within the contact current areas, as the current always passes where the resistance is less, but it has to get in and out of the metal to do this. If the entry and exit points are really small, damage may occur here. If there happen to be nerve points here that are damaged, bad things can happen - and nerves take a LONG time to heal, if they ever do.

2.My only recommendation would be stop for a few days and then the pain has abated, try the hand cylinders. IME so far, the signal isn't as intense. It might also be a good idea to turn down the voltage/amplitude. If the pain doesn't ease up, continuing treatment might not be a good idea.

Also, there are programs in Spooky for nerve damage and healing so you could suspend the IC protocol for a little while to experiment with some of those. It might just be that you need to help repair some of the damaged and scarred tissue before his body can tolerate more intense treatments. Just start with very low intensities (voltages) and gentle settings (waveforms, WCM, wobbles, etc.) before going all out. We are all enthusiastic about Spooky's potential for great good but have to remember that a lot of this is user experimental so while we have a good base of info to work from, there is a lot of trial-and-error.

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