What do you recommend for High Thyroid Antibodies?

1. There are Protocols in the software - specifically the Intensive Care, that may be able to assist with this. Read the Guide in the folder in the Presets tab of the software for details.

Another possible is to search the Programs tab for the symptoms or diagnosis and use whatever programs sound best in a Shell Preset.

Another option, if there are many Programs that sound helpful, is to run those in a Grade Program Scan to find the best for your body. Again, instructions in the Guide in the Biofeedbnack folder of the Presets tab.

2.You need to also be adding in the basic minerals your body needs to support thyroid function.

3.Vitamin B Complex + Multivitamin called Double X from Nutrilite

4.There are 3 keys to restoring thyroid function: First you need plenty of minerals to address any problems with adrenal fatigue. Then you need to supplement properly with Lugol's solution (iodine) and avoid any chemical like chlorine and fluoride (in tap water) and bromine (in bread). The most important factor in restoring thyroid function is to stimulate the receptors that communicate with the Hypothalamus which controls the thyroid.

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