I was researching the small red dots that people get on their skin and found it matches chronic bromine poisoning for me. There are 2 programs, XTRA Bromine 79br & Bromine 79br. Can I using a killing waveform?

1. I have some of the small red dots. Bromine has been on my radar since I found out that it replaces iodine and damages organs relying on iodine. I have had great success raising my low thyroid levels with megadoses of iodine.

Of the symptoms mentioned that have disappeared for me in the process are; foul urine smell and twitching eyelids, plus there is loose connection to a handful of other symptoms.

2.It seems to me that if the way the body deals with excess bromine is to flush it out with iodine, then the safest and most effective way to remedy bromine excess with frequencies would be to broadcast the frequencies of iodine and potassium iodide. That way you would be working with the body's natural processes.

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