Does anyone have experience with running detox programs for an elderly person with lots of big health problems? (Heart, kidneys, lupus) I've been told to be very careful running detox in this set of circumstances.

1. I can say that fluid buildup as you describe happened to my husband last month and it was because his heart was unable to pump the fluids. It actually in some cases a sign of congestive heart failure which is very serious.

2.Many times the elderly will not drink the required amount of water. The body needs to be fluid for the frequencies to flow. But if it had retained fluid it seems it is already fluid. Just be careful. Their skin is thin and sensitive so I would choose to use the remote over contact.

I will not advise you that anything is OK. The responsibility of stating that would be great. It is your decision and any decision you make you also accept responsibility of. We can not just go rife other people without their full consent and their understanding of what is happening.

3.The fluid described is pooling in the interstitial tissues, not being circulated throughout the body. You need to take care of that situation before the body will be able to remove toxins.

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