My husband had radiotherapy on a spinal tumour. He's now suffering from nerve pain from his hip buttock leg foot. I have two generators and anyone with any suggestions?

1. I am a firm believer in biofeedback scans, if you can have him do one of those it would be a good place to start. Do the full system scan.

2.With two generators, maybe do contact with Cancer pain (in database), and run the same on remote in background.

A post from March 2017 said that Cannibidiol (in database) helped with chronic pain and inflammation. That may be worth adding to mix. Also check out Dronabinol (MW) to see if it's still in current database.

3. I'll bet the operation took place between L2 and TH10. This is the area that the Psoas muscle attaches to the spine. The Psoas (or Iliopsoas) then runs down through the hips which is where the Femoral nerve passes through it. In my experience as a holistic health practitioner, many people with back problems and nerve pain running down the legs are told to get surgery when it's usually not necessary. The impingement is coming from knots (aka Trigger points) in the muscle. You can find plenty of videos on Trigger points but my favorite resource is called the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook which will teach you how to search out and relieve TP's. Spooky may help reduce the pain and numbness but I don't know about it working permanently. I've been doing PEMF and Far-Infrared therapy with my clients for over 4 years and while they do help, the main thing that has brought relief has been teaching them how to do daily TPT sessions using simple things like a tennis ball or backnobber/theracane to relieve the tension in the muscle. Also, seriously look at your diet and avoid foods that can cause inflammation and reduce stress or emotional issues which are the PRIMARY cause IMO of back issues.

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