Any suggestion to bring down my cholesterol levels?

1. Sun- kidney, strength, 4.11. Use healing remote. It'll bring your cholesterol down very effectively. Try it you love it.

2. I understand the anxiety Drs. give to patients when the cholesterol levels are elevated, especially when there are heart issues in the family.
I also understand that cholesterol is a protective measure the body has to help the circulatory system deal with injury in the vessels.

Frankly, I haven't done enough research to determine what organ is primarily causal in the cholesterol management, and I need to, but then I would choose that organs' balance or normalize program and run that - possibly in conjunction with some of the others you are already running.

Unfortunately, I would not expect to have dramatic results in a 2 week period, as this may require significant amounts of healing prior to those numbers going down appreciably... Don't want to be negative, but also don't want you to set unrealistic goals, then throw out a good program due to shortness of application.

3. Take some niacin or red rice yeast if you are concerned enough to take something apple cider vinegar, some of the really good fats like coconut oil. Cholesterol gets high because its healing something usually caused by inflammation. Thats what i would look at... Inflammation.

4. Carrot juice is really good for lowering cholesterol like crazy good.

5. If you have mycoplasma it can also affect your cholesterol levels as it eats up your "good" cholesterol. If you have bartonella, it inflames the blood vessels and the body uses cholesterol to remedy the damage, so your levels will increase. Nanobacteria can cause the same. Usually high cholesterol means either inflammation somewhere in the body, or a clogged liver.

I have been including Minerals - Vanadium & also Copper, w/ the regimen I've chosen.
Also Essential oil - Heluchrysum!
It's important to Do some "Spooky-surfing," & read the notes - you learn a lot!
Look them up; I think you will be pleased.
Also, one must realize that cholesterol usually is a response to too much inflammation in the body.
I've one remote dedicated to cholesterol; the other fur various inflammation frequencies.

I am going to, with God's help & wisdom, prevail over my high cholesterol!

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6. Cholesterol is the body's way of protecting arteries from damage caused by inflammation. One of the biggest culprits is sugar NOT fats. Stop eating all sugar, just eat organic veggies, limit starchy root veggies, eat berries, limit most fruit, and eat grass fed meat and whole eggs, and watch what happens.

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