Can you use Spooky2 to treat specific organs - like thyroid or adrenals?

1. What Spooky2 helps with well is to assist in killing pathogens and assist the body in removing the debris so the body can heal the organs, etc.

There are "Balance" and "Normalize" programs for many organ systems within the body. These also work to assist the body to return these organs to proper function.

2. Entrainment frequencies can be just as effective, if not more so. Consider searching the database for "normal", "normalise", and "normalize" will see once you search these terms.

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3. My issue is congenital and I use GX for balancing energy, detoxing, etc. I also use Scalar overnight and helps immensely. You can put all kinds of tinctures on scalar like iodine, magnesium, or touch-me-not tea leaves. A lady in one of my groups from India reversed a goiter in parent with a tea and poultice. She had the thyroid surgery and it left her symptoms miserable so she tried to prevent her parent from getting the surgery and it worked.

You can run BFB scan for the best idea on how to address the issue. Also hormone balancing sets. You can do frequencies for specific minerals. I feel like with the Scalar overnight I really get that boost of helping the body balance and reduce inflammation. I can recover vs. using GX alone.

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