Frequencies of some Beej Mantras.

Mantra therapy, or the chanting of sanskrit mantra, has been am interest of mine for the last few years...

The concept, is that chanting the various syllables of the chant (Beej or seed sounds), is supposed to activate (resonate) particular petals in our energy centres (chakras) leading to certain effects. If that sounds somewhat familiar to entrainment then I agree and believe that this is how "Rife" was done before there was electricity

I've often wondered if anyone had done a correlation of these Beej's with Hz values and here is one such attempt; I have underlined the Beej's.

The idea of the post is that by using these frequencies in say the "JW Healing preset" would it give a similar effect as chanting the mantras?
Interestingly enough, OM is the same as the Schumann resonance frequency and 6.8 Hz is also mentioned as beneficial in the full article.

The full article is here:

But for those who don't want to follow links here is a copy + paste of some of the well-known Beej Hz values and then a section on each chakra.
OM – 7.83 Hz
Gam – 14 Hz
Hleem – 20 Hz
Hreem – 26 Hz
Kleem – 33 Hz
Krowm – 39 Hz
Sreem – 45 Hz

These cosmic sounds were heard by 12 strand DNA maharishis in their spiritual trances which broadened their sense spectrums. However our brain can register the vibrations.

Seven Chakras and Mantras

muladhara lam Muladhara

Base or Root Chakra: Cervix/Perineum
Sound Note: C
Colour: Red
Element: Earth
Mantra: Lam
Frequency in Hz:
Code: Select all
261.6, 523.3, 1046.5, 2093, 4186

Keeps you Grounded. Connects your feet, to the Earth. Good if can’t make decisions.

swadhishtana vam Swadhisthana

Sacral Chakra: last bone in spinal cord
Sound Note: D
Colour: Orange
Element: Water
Mantra: Vam
Frequency in Hz:
Code: Select all
293.7, 587.3, 1174.7, 2349.3, 4698.7

Emotions, Passion, intuition and creativity.

manipura ram Manipura

Solar Plexus Chakra : Navel area
Sound Note: E
Colour: Yellow
Element: Fire
Mantra: Ram
Frequency in Hz:
Code: Select all
329.6, 659.3, 1318.5, 2637.1, 5274.1

Confidence, Assertiveness, ability to be a stand and say No.
Will Power.

anahata yam Anahata

Heart Chakra: Heart area
Sound Note: F
Colour: Green
Element: Wind
Mantra: Yam
Frequency in Hz:
Code: Select all
349.2, 698.5, 1396.9, 2793.9, 5587.7

Love, Kindness, Compassion, Harmonious relationships.

visuddha hum Visuddha
Throat Chakra (throat and neck area)
Sound Note: G
Colour: Blue
Element: Sky
Mantra: Ham
Frequency in Hz:
Code: Select all
196, 392, 784, 1568, 3136

Self-Expression and Open communication.

ajna om Ajna Brow

Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland or third eye)
Sound Note: A
Colour: Indigo
Element: Body
Mantra: OM
Frequency in Hz:
Code: Select all
110, 220, 440, 880, 1760, 3520.

Insight and visualisation. Opens up your perecetive physic ability.

sahasrara Sahasrara

Crown Chakra (Top of the head; ‘Soft spot’ of a newborn)
Sound Note: B
Colour: White ( combination of all the colours ) or Violet
Element: No Element
Mantra: No Sound
Frequency in Hz:
Code: Select all
123.5, 246.9, 493.9, 987.8, 1975.5, 3951.1

Wisdom. Connecting you to your higher Self and spirituality.
Astral projection, Inter galactc travel, higher spiritual powers, timelessness, language of light etc.

Please note the above is just for information and has not been tested.

For more details, please check the link from:

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