I have a diabetic disease condition known as Charcot Foot which causes the bones in the foot to degrade to the point of the foot arch collapsing and permanent deformation. My previously unaffected foot is now weak, painful and swollen.

1. Polarity should not have any effect.

It is much more probable that both feet were infected and the contact affected both feet. In this case, there was probably good happening to both feet, but it manifested as pain and swelling, as often happens when healing begins.

Without knowing how long, etc., you ran this program, I would probably run a Herx program via Remote until some of the pain subsides. Once that pain in the good foot subsides, I would run the program through a single pass again and continue the Remote program. This should help rather quickly.

2. Also, soak feet in epson salt or magnesium flakes and baking soda as this is a good detox and reduces inflammation. Soak 20 minutes.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. 1 gal a day is recommended. I do not have favorable results when I am dehydrated.

I would likely run Lyme Herx and other detox and pain relief frequencies. Hope pain subsides soon.

3. You should run each program once a day, not multiple times. You could try Swelling Legs and Feet XTRA together with a program for pain.

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