My friend accidentally damaged her eye when she caught it with her fingernail - causing a cut to the surface. This cut has become infected so antibiotics were given with not results. It seems it is an amoeba known as Acanthamoeba.

1. Colloidal Silver sprayed into the eye 4 times per day and a high dose of Astaxanthin (capsule form).

2. The current spooky database has killing protocols for these nasty protozoans, although the specific amoeba is not listed. The action I would take if I had such would be to select the JW Killing preset for Remote , use the BN remote (white top) on both out channels (2 remotes needed) , go to the Programs tab of the Spooky2 software , and search "amoeba" and hit ENTER , choose Amoeba General , Parasites and Amoebas 4 , Protozan Infections (from keyword search protozoan) - and run it for a few cycles. Run some immune support protocols (JW Healing preset), and alternate. Also, I would set up a string of JW Killing preset protocols for Ulcerative Keratitis, Corneal Ulcer and run these as well, alternating with Immune Support as mentioned. If it were me, I would try to get as much colloidal silver as practical in the affected eye as well.

It seems that amoebas/protozoan are pretty prevalent in the GI tract , and similar friendly areas - when Julie snagged her eye, her eye watered and the contamination must have been on the fingers or even under the nails - a warm, moist eye socket to set up shop. According to the pathology of this nasty infection, I would not wait long to get running ASAP, as this nasty kills host cells (eye tissue) on it journey to it's eventual demise - the plan is to kill as quickly as possible. The thing is, my personal Spooky2 experience would give me the confidence to try exactly what I qualified above, without hesitation, so that's what I would do for myself.

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