Can someone explain to me the difference between the terms "bio resonance" and "rife"?

Both of the terms asked about are widely used - and not always meaning the same thing, depending on who is using them.

Bio-resonance - by using strict interpretation would be resonating with life. Spooky gear can resonate with many things, because one can choose any frequency from ~2Hz to 25 million Hz to put out - and even higher due to harmonics that are generated, so anything that resonates in this range.

Rife is a researcher's name, so it is applied to work that is representative of what he did. Some of what Spooky does is very close duplication of what Dr. Rife did. Other parts are utilizing the frequency resonation portion of his work with different modalities - more closely duplicating Mr. Stegmann or Dr. Hulda Clark. So while not exactly what Dr. Rife did, still working with frequency resonating to disable or kill pathogens and assist the body in removing waste.

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