What is the best waveform for detoxing? Which works better with low versus high frequencies?

All waveforms except a sinus waveform.
Generally a square wave.
There seems to be positive experiences with inverted sawtooth.

A (optimal) sine wave with a frequency contain only this one frequency and nothing else.

All other waveforms produces harmonics. They contain multiplies of the main frequency (but with lower amplitude/power as the main frequency.)

If you want that the electric current went through the cell itself you need a high frequency (> 100 kHz)

Lower frequencies went only around the human body cells.

Although you use a low frequency square wave it contain these high frequency (within the harmonics at a lower amplitude/power).

This may be the difference that a square wave has a higher impact if you use it.

If you want to see what i mean, you can use this Audio Spectrum Analyser: http://techmind.org/audio/specanaly.html (needs no installation, only one file)

This works over your soundcard, mainly over the mic input (very sensitive input so use an output amplitude of 0.01 V if you want to experiment with this. Higher Amplitudes will maybe generate distortions and a false measurement. Depends on your hardware. Also use a shielded cable if possible.)

For more details, please check the link from:

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