How to reduce the time of biofeedback scan?

1. The biofeedback scan duration depends on whether the pulse rate is being read consistently, if it is within specific parameters, etc. Is there ever a dash showing under the Detect box? If so, the variation was considered excessive, so several beats are discarded to make sure the rate is even again, before continuing. This causes delay in the finish of the scan.

Several suggestions:
1) make sure the "Double HRV" option is checked in the Systems tab.
2) make sure the sensor is properly placed to get consistent readings.
3) use shorter scans.

If none of these work for you, forget scanning and find other ways to have Spooky work for you.


2. It's best to do the Part Scans - at the top.
The settings are MAX HRV, and you may want to change them to Max BPM.


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