Presets for Human Herpesvirus 1.

Human Herpesvirus 1 is apparently only an annoying virus producing cold sores.
The truth is, as all the neuroinvasive virus, this little bug has an active rol helping other micro-organisms to attack us.

They hide inside the nerves, and remains there forever. From time to time, when our immune system is down, it takes advantage of that, and produces the visible cold sore.

Meanwhile, while apparently in sleep mode, it is degradating our nerve system, and now it is linked to a variety of neurological diseases.

Besides that, all herpesvirus types can collaborate, helping each other to produce more harm.

I intend to create presets for all the herpesvirus types, because its active rol degrading our health.

This preset comprises all the 23 known strains of this creature.

As the dwell time is not very long, plasma and contact modes are recommended. Remote mode must be run nonstop for almost a week to see results.

While using the contact and remote presets I have had a tingling sensation in my lips, where some time ago I had a cold sore. It is a well known sensation to all sufferers of this condition, but after a while tingling stopped, without developing any blisters.

Also mandibular aches, trygeminal pain or discomfort could be expected. Even throat or neck pain or discomfort.

It is very comforting when using a preset for a bug, to feel something where that bug is supposed to be hidden, because that indicates something is working.

Boost device is used when contact or remote mode are used.

For contact mode I used tens pads placed on the shoulders, and also over the clavicles. I use to stick 2 tens pads per pole, as you can see here:
As always, feedback is welcome.

MM_Human Herpesvirus 1 (P).txt
MM_Human Herpesvirus 1 (R).txt
MM_Human Herpesvirus 1 (C).txt

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