I've tried to customize "Optimise Scan Shell(C)-DB",I want to optimize frequency 20.The optimize shell multiplies this(by 2**9 or 512)to get 10,240,pushing it closer to the MOR.I'd like to play with the idea of optimizing 10,240+/-512 in increments of 5.

I'm not sure if you can achieve this with the current software; but here are a couple of pointers on how the optimise scan shell preset is working as a starting point. I assume you are trying to make a biofeedback scan.

Firstly, on the Settings tab, bottom left you will see <10000 and Use Harmonic type of Octave - means it will raise any frequency on Out1 that is less that 10000 by multiplying by 2 (octave method) until it is above that minimum.

Secondly, on the control tab, after you have selected the generator you will see the Biofeedback Scan settings at the bottom. The 'decimal places' of 2 gives the 0.01 increments/sensitivity of what is scanned.

If frequencies are loaded then the biofeedback scan button scans with those values rather than start/end values which is shown in the area.

For more details, please check the link from:

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