Does it matter if I run twice as many frequencies with Intensive Care, or should I set each quarter scan to record fewer hits? Having 40 hits as opposed to 20 means each frequency will run half as many times each day. Any ideas?

I've been considering this, as well. Doing Full Scans (or 1/2 Scans) will result in 20 hits (x 5 instances) = 100 hits x 3 min per frequency = 300 minutes (divided by 60 minutes) = 5 hours of killing...followed by 1 hour 16 minutes of "detox" (I'll be adding some of my own to that, like blood purification and lymphatic support).

But to use 1/4 scans, that would DOUBLE the hits, hence doubling the killing-time, which would end up being a combined TEN hours of killing with only 1 hr 16 minutes of "detox".

Even though I'll be doing 2-3 coffee enemas daily, activated charcoal, one gallon+ water daily, and running extra "detox" sets, I don't think I'll risk doubling the killing time.

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