Anyone have success with a pinched nerve in their neck that is making their fingers curl?

1. There are Nerve Healing and similar treatments at end of Morgellons Lyme Protocol - Healing A.

They may give you some ideas; but you may have to find underlying cause.
And Endorphin Release in Database.

2.Spooky may be able to relax the nerve and ease the pain signals but if you have a trigger point (knot) in a muscle pinching the nerve, that has to be alleviated also. I taught myself TPT using a series of books called "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook".

Some physical therapists are trained in this and can show you what to do but I've found many of them lacking in the knowledge and skills and doing strengthening and stretching exercises can make it worse if you don't relieve the TP first. I used to get pinched nerves all over my back, shoulders, and neck and now deal with them quickly and efficiently. It's not a cure-all, especially if you have some bone/spine alignment issues but it's extremely effective against many things. I've even helped several of my clients avoid surgery.

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