My grand daughter is almost 6. She is always complaining of pain in her tummy. It seems to be getting worse. There is no way to get her to sit still for a biofeedback. If I get a DNA sample off her and use remote, any suggestions?

1. I have something you can try. Take her off ALL wheat and milk products for 1 week. Everything gluten free and dairy free. Her gut will tell you within a week if that is part of the problem.

It won't be treating 'the cause' exactly, but it often helps a huge amount!
Do you dowse or muscle test? (If not, LEARM TO. It's a very useful skill).
If you do: test which programs suits her best and do those!

2. Celiac's is a blanket diagnosis that is usually improperly applied to people who are simply suffering from side effects of pesticides, usually glyphosphate, which have contaminated our food supply. Like stated above, the only real way to determine if it's a food cause is to eliminate one-by-one the usual items she is eating and see if that helps.

I have used probiotics and psyllium husk with great success to eliminate stomach issues but find many foods cause irritation and bloating, especially non-organic and processed foods.

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    Jerrold Nowacki


    What does she eat

    Has she been on antibiotics which kill all bacteria including beneficial gut bacteria

    Is she lactose, DAIRY or wheat intolerant.

    .She may even have Candida,

    She may have IBD, IBS

    I would test her with full strain PROBIOTICS

     Go back to the basics.

    DIET FIRST therapy with machines second !



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    Jerrold Nowacki

    Also pay attention after she eats when the pain begins and what foods she is eating!

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