I have tingling sensation and numbness in my legs and arms, symptoms of neuropathy after got off Klonopin I have for 23+ years. Google says that long term use of Klonopin can cause permanent neurological damage. What to use to reverse damage?

1. Doesn't fish oil contain a compound to repair neurological function? If so, find another food with that compound. Fish oil full of mercury.

2. The herb st johns wort is known for healing damaged nerves. You can take the tincture internally and rub it on as well. Or you can make an oil with it to rub on. Coconut oil is a good omega 3 which might help. I feel like coconut oil helps everything. Grass fed beef and edemame are high in omega 3s as well.

3. There is a frequency program to detox drugs. I have no idea what it is called.search detox and see if it is there.

4. Here a number of sets that might be beneficial to you:
Detox SSRI Benzo (CUST)

Mercury 199hg (XTRA)
Mercury 201hg (XTRA)
Mercury Toxicity V (CAFL)
Mercury (XTRA)
Detox Fluoride (XTRA)
Detox Fluoride 2 (CUST)
Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidneys and Liver (PROV)
Detox 4 Toxins Throughout the Body (CAFL)

Detox & Neuropathy:

Detox Depression Drug Toxin (XTRA)
Depression Drugs Or Toxins (CAFL)
Surgery Anaesthesia Detox (CAFL)
Detox Anesthesia 1 (XTRA)
Detox Anesthesia 2 (XTRA)
Detox Mental Disorders (XTRA)
Nerve Disorders and Neuropathy (CAFL)
Ataxia General (CAFL)
Brain Normalize (XTRA)
Nerve Disorders and Neuropathy (XTRA)

Neuropathy & Nerves:

Peripheral Nervous System Diseases (KHZ)
Paresthesia (CAFL)
Nerve Disorders 1 (XTRA)
Nerve Disorders 2 (XTRA)
Nervous System Diseases (KHZ)
Stimulate Repair Nerve Damage (XTRA)
Neuralgia (CAFL)
Neuralgia General (XTRA)
Peripheral Vascular Diseases (KHZ)
Vascular Diseases (KHZ)
Polyneuropathies (KHZ)
Numbness (CAFL)
Circulatory Stasis (CAFL)
Circulation Disturbances (CAFL)
Circulation Disturbances (CUST)
Tinnitus (CAFL)
Tinnitus (KHZ)

Movement & Spasms:

Akathisia (XTRA)
Movement Disorder (KHZ)
Tardive Dyskinesia (KHZ)
Nogier F (CUST)
Sialorrhea (KHZ)
Restless Legs Syndrome (KHZ)
Tremor (KHZ)
Essential Tremor (KHZ)
Backache and Spasms 1 (CAFL)
Spasm (KHZ)
Blepharospasm (KHZ)
Fasciculation (KHZ)
Polyneuropathies (KHZ)
Muscle Cramp (KHZ)
Neuromuscular Diseases (KHZ)

Depression & Anxiety:

Bipolar Disorder (KHZ)
Bipolar Disorder (XTRA)
Depression Manic (XTRA)
Manic Depression (XTRA)
Depression Bipolar (XTRA)
Cyclothymic Disorder (KHZ)
Depression Anxiety Trembling Weakness (CAFL)
Depression Due to Outside Circumstances (CAFL)
Depression General (CAFL)
Depression General 3 (XTRA)
Depressive Disorder (KHZ)
Dysthymic Disorder (KHZ)
Anxiety 1 (CAFL)
Anxiety Disorders (KHZ)
Anxiety (XTRA)
Mental Disorders (CAFL)


Pineal-1 (CUST)
Brain-481 (CUST)
Colloidal Silver & Gold-721 (CUST)

Emotions & Insomnia:

Muscles to Relax (CAFL)
Emotions General Aid (XTRA)
Emotions and Sleep 1 (XTRA)
Emotions and Sleep 2 (XTRA)
Emotions and Sleep 3 (XTRA)
Insomnia (CAFL)
Insomnia 1 (XTRA)
Insomnia 3 (XTRA)
Insomnia Secondary/Hypoglycemia (CUST)

Normalize & Balance:

Adrenal Function Normalize (XTRA)
Brain Normalize (XTRA)
Circulation Stimulate Normalized (XTRA)
Endocrine System Function Normalize (XTRA)
Heart Function Normalize (XTRA)
Hemoglobin Normalize Production (XTRA)
Immune System Improve (XTRA)
Immune System Stabilization (XTRA)
Immune System Stimulation 1 (XTRA)
Immune System Stimulate Normalize (XTRA)
Immune System Stimulation 2 (XTRA)
Immune System Stimulation 3 (PROV)
Immune System Stimulation 4 (XTRA)
Kidney Function Normalize Stimulate (XTRA)
Liver Function Stimulate & Normalize (XTRA)
Normalize Red Blood Cell Production (XTRA)
Normalize White Blood Cell Production (XTRA)
Pineal Function Normalize Stimulate (XTRA)
Pineal Function Stimulate Normalize (XTRA)
Pituitary Function Normalize (XTRA)
Progesterone Normalize Level (XTRA)
Testosterone Male Normalize Level (XTRA)
Thyroid Balance and Normalize 1 (CUST)
Thyroid Balance and Normalize 2 (CUST)
Thyroid Function Stimulate Normalize (XTRA)
Circulation Stimulate Increased (XTRA)
Circulation Stimulate Normalized (XTRA)
Lymph Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA)
Lymph Glands Stimulate (XTRA)
Lymph System Circulation Stimulate (XTRA)
Lymphocytes Stimulate (XTRA)
Nerves Stimulate Healing (XTRA)
Nervous System Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA)
Pancreas Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA)
Pineal Function Normalize Stimulate (XTRA)
Pineal Function Stimulate Normalize (XTRA)
Stimulate Ligaments Healing (XTRA)
Stimulate Repair Nerve Damage (XTRA)
Adrenal Gland Balance (XTRA)
Balancing of Body (XTRA)
Blood Pressure Balance 2 (XTRA)
Blood Pressure Balance 1 (XTRA)
Colon Function Balance (XTRA)
Emotional Balance 1 (XTRA)
Endocrine System Balance (XTRA)
Hormonal Imbalances Male (XTRA)
Kidney Function Balance (XTRA)
Kidney Meridian Balance/Correct (XTRA)
Liver Function Balance (XTRA)
Pancreas Balance 1 (XTRA)
Pancreas Balance 2 (XTRA)
Pineal Gland Balance (XTRA)
Spiritual Well-being Stimulate Balance (XTRA)
Thyroid Balance and Normalize 1 (CUST)

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