Does anyone know of frequencies that will help to rehydrate someone who is dehydrated? The consequences of dehydration can be very serious and it would be good to have this information available to help those of us who suffer from this condition.

1. Well, I would first resort to drinking real water, however your question is a valid one. You can create a Program with the molecular mass of Water which is 18.01528 g/mol and add M18.01528 in the frequencies area and let Spooky convert it to a frequency. However, You won't be able to fool the body forever... In fact, I would call this very risky and even dangerous because once you'll stop the treatment, and you would eventually get to that point, the body could go into shock because of the sudden demand for real water! This could easily turn into a life or death emergency situation!

Such an experiment is at your own risk and I strongly disuade you from running this experiment on yourself or others! This experiment should only be attempted by a professional for specific scientific purposes in a controlled setting and "NOT" to rehydrate someone!

2. I stand corrected!

Meaning that though I would never do this, I would suggest this may be a safer way to go about what you are doing...

BUT only if what you are describing as "saline infusion" is the practice of temporary scrotal enlargement by injecting saline solution into the scrotal sac with a hypodermic needle. (which I would never do either!).

However my perspective is derived from not tampering with my body in such risky ways. My philosophy is to say "to each his own" preference. It is your body after all and you can do whatever you like with it.

As the great Jimi Hendrix said "Let me live my life, the way I want to!"

Having said that, it is my nature to help. There are frequencies in Spooky2 for HGH, Testosterone, and cells of Lydig, all of which may produce the effect permanently possibly with less risk.

I have run these frequencies myself rather than pay for products to boost free testosterone or Human Growth Hormone, both of which are said to decrease with age. I have noticed....hmmmm...well I will say benefits. Go here for more information!

For more details, please check the link from:

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