If someone might have some ideas to be able to do something similarly with Qurell by the XM or maybe the spooky central in contact mode for pain relief?


I just finished a course in music healing therapy! Here is what I learned that may be applicable.

According to research by Dr. William German is Dallas who is expert in Nurophysiology, details in the video on the MVT music vibration table that...

There is a major drop off in pain at 60Hz and at 130 Hz


The success of the MVT also is based on the fact that you do not just have ONE frequency playing all the time. If you just played a 60Hz signal, the effect would not last.

This is an effect that happens on a MOLECULAR LEVEL to block pain!

So what you may want to do is program a sweep from 60Hz to 130Hz and use as much voltage (amplitude) as you can handle. Sine wave only! Duty cycle on MVT is 100%, but you may be able to use less.

It may even work in remote mode. The MVT is a DIRECT CONTACT modality though.

If you try this let us know how well it works!

For more details, please check the link from:

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