A friend of mine is suffering from HMSN2, a neuropathic condition. I did find it in the Spooky database. I intend to treat him with these presets. Do any of you have experience with this particular condition and can you advise any more presets?

This does not sound familiar to me as a Preset.

I did find this Program - HMSN Type II - which needs to be run using either a Shell Preset or Ad hoc settings.

Also, if you read the Notes for the Program, and search for alternate name, "Charcot" - there are several other Programs that result.

I did not search for the other suggestion in the Notes of the original, or read through any of the Notes of the returned Programs from the charcot search, but this should give you are start.

You can also search for the disease in a std. Internet search for cause, symptoms, etc., then look within the Programs database to see what other programs may help to eliminate these as well.

For more details, please check the link:

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