I have just started on R24 on the M & L presets last night. This morning I have dreadful pins and needles, like electric shocks all over? Is this just a Herx?

1. Sounds like a herx. They don't like Rife! Babesia comes later in Simple Parasites (no 37 I think).

I do a lot of scanning and killing, and we regularly check on no. 20 of the Protocol, which features eggs hatching. This is worth doing.

Can only advise you keep at it.

We have downloaded some of the detox and healing treatments, built into many ML treatments, and run these separately (like nisin, colloidal silver octal, general antiseptic and circulation, and we include cannabinoidol). These can help.

You could look at the Herx treatments at end of Protocol, and see if there are any individual treatments that might help.

2. If the herx is too much strong is good to rest, drink more water and do detox sets and approaches(sodium ascorbate helps me a lot clearing up herx). There is no need to push too much the body. Yes this is probably herx, and that's very good, it means the programs are working and doing their job, you just need to clear toxins. When I get a bad reaction usually means I'm in the right direction, I just avoid to keep killing if the herx is unbearable, but I will return in the next days to keep it up.

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