Preset for Mycoplasma.

Mycoplasma is a genus of bacteria that lack a cell wall around their cell membrane. Without a cell wall, they are unaffected by many common antibiotics such as penicillin or other beta-lactam antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis, and that makes them very resistent (and dangerous).

They produce several diseases, but the worst part is that Mycoplasma enhances the dangers of other pathogens. 

Mycoplasma debilitates our immune system by keeping it busy, making it easier for other micro-organisms to attack us.

Reducing the load of Mycoplasma on our bodies is a great help for fighting almost every disease we are suffering.

There are hundreds of species, and all of them share the ultra small size (they are as small as certain viruses) and the lack of cell wall.
The frequencies for this pathogen spreads over a great interval, so I have composed a repetitive stepped sweep (108 steps) that runs for 432 hours (18 days).

The boost device is used to mix the two Outs for harmonic enhancement.
The preset works best when used nonstop for a period of at least 18x3 days (54 days).

Mycoplasma has a great impact on our health, so the time spent killing it, is worth its weight in gold, as many of you already know.

It uses also MM_ModSquareDC17, which I also attach.
As always, copy the preset (the txt file) to your /Spooky2/Preset Collections/User folder, and the waveform (the csv file) to your /Spooky2/Waveforms folder.

 MM_Mycoplasma (R).txt

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