My friend has cancer.General condition is very good for the moment.The diagnosis is cancer (adenom) in all four sections of the peritoneum and diaphragm.Primary tumor not yet located.What should I type as "known cancer" in the 4 generator cancer protocol?

1. Short answer:

1: Detox (with Essiac, Zeolith, Chlorella or others)
2: Get rid of Bacteria / fungi (with MMS or colloidal silver or others)
3: Diet : No processed food, no Sugar, alkaline Diet, no Sodas, Vitamin B17
The primary cancer is a weak and/or overloaded immune system and a poisoned body.

2.Please Look at Preset called Cancer and DB section all those are good to start.

She needs a lots of water about 4 litter a day and minerals and vitamins.
specially, electrolytes (magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium). And as helper; Vitamin A,B(complex), B12,C,E,D, Iodine, Sulfur, Manganese Silica, Zinc and Selenium.. Basically, She needs to detox and that is the most important part of getting healthy again... Another thing that I can suggest is that raw egg for a good detoxing and help. At least 3-4 raw eggs a day. you can find information about raw egg detox/diet on the internet and also

3.In addition to the above advice, I suggest high dose vitamin C (Acerloa Cherry) 5-20 grams taken in.

Liposome With Sunflower Lecithin:
There is more than one way to make lipsomal Vitamin C.

For more details, please check the link from:

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