I couldn't complete a biofeedback scan, only went from 75,000 to 85,000 in an hour and a half. Had already trouble-shooted issues getting a scan. Is there anything to use besides Spooky Pulse or any other advice?

1. This sounds like the way my scans turn out.

No, I haven't been able to get reliable scans, so have to find other ways to use Spooky to get better. Pulse is the only took we have from Spooky to do scans, so if it doesn't work for you, then it is going to be hard to get this information.

I have gone to using the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol to kill whatever pathogens are around and using some healing Presets as well to stimulate this. It isn't as direct as using scans, but it is still progress and healing.

2.Scans can be tricky and temperamental, but latest research shows that frequent 'scanning and killing' is more important than ever realized.

The All Full System Scan is recommended for the Intensive Care. The only way my wife can get through this scan is by splitting it into 1/3 segments: changing 152K frequency to 102000 floor first scan; run 102K to 128K for second; and run 128K to 152000 for third and last scan.

You could do the part scans - Quarter scans in the Biofeedback Section, but these have MAX HRV in settings and not Max BPM (how much difference this makes is moot and debatable, but you can change HRV to BPM).

Tick Double HRV in systems - this can help. The Biofeedback notes recommend a brisk walk beforehand (not practical if you're ill!). Experiment with earpiece. Someone recommended attaching it to the end of little finger, in front of nail).

We did experiment with doing the All Full System scan in 2 segments: The estimated time was 32 mins, but it went on for 45 mins and then my wife had coughing fit - so it was lost and waste of time!

So my advice is to do the Full Scan in quarters or thirds, and stick with it!

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