I have stage four breast cancer in bones, liver and brain. I have done the 11 day. Detox so far. I was told to do anti Candida work, or should I. Use this new intensive care program?

There is some great advice above and probably all of the answers you seek can be found in the suggestions made. Thus, if I can be of any help it would be to highlight/summarize what I have understood and seen to be the most beneficial things in this battle.

1.Review your environment (including your body) and start to starve the cancer, this is things like reducing acidity, removing all sugars(particularly fructose), Mould, EMF, Stress and unhealthy diet.

2.Detox pathways need to be opened up (consider Acupuncture, massage, Detox baths, Hyperthermia as well as diet detoxes, I'm about to trial a product called Tudca supposedly amazing at liver detox).

3.Boost your immune systems, most of the new and best result drugs for cancer are immunotherapy style drugs so that should be a flag. Consider using the Rife to boost your immune system, GCMAF and RERUM are wonder drugs at boosting immune system, there are lots of other.

4.Kill the cancer cells, there are better approaches and products than Chemo and Radio therapy, however it's not my place to challenge your DRs recommendation I would only suggest you consider the question, if it's working well without adverse effect on your health, keep doing it, if not, then it would make sense to reconsider it's place.

5. Finally, and by no means the least important, don't under estimate you, your mind is so powerful and your desire to get well can reap amazing changes in your body. Surround yourself with hopeful and positive minded people and challenge anyone's negativity or defeatist attitude which can be common, especially from Drs I've discovered.

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