I have been using Spooky Central for breast cancer about a month. I am in so much pain, have been bed ridden for a week now. No Spooky treatments for 2 days now, but the pain is not subsiding. Should we stop the Terrain also?

1. When I am in pain, my strategy is to turn off all spooky2's and just leave one on for 12-24 hours (and or until pain stops) using white top remote and jw healing, and rife "Marijuana, CBD, Acute pain, magnesium, detox all purpose" until pain is gone, while drinking gallon of distilled water per 24 hours, consuming only organic, high fiber foods. I have RSD neuropathy pain, many have written its like cancer pain. I also think doing a spooky pulse session when in severe pain is good, as will then get the specific frequencies body needs to help release pain, this is my second favorite strategy release pain. The pemf wand is also good releasing pain. Also if my pain is really bad, I will take a 1-2 hour epson salt bath, to soak my entire body in magnesium. I have noticed that when my body is low in magnesium, my pain levels go sky high. I have noticed that when I consume foods high in magnesium and or take a magnesium baths regularly, my pain disappears for days, weeks at a time. Make sure vitamin D levels are balanced, as also low vitamin D can also cause body pain, getting lots of sunshine helps, and or take 5,000ius during cloudy winter days (rife vitamin d).

2. I'm experiencing pain as well. What helped pain become tolerable for me is PLASMA Detox 4. PLASMA Cancer/ DB Short Pain sessions. Sometimes it would take 2 back to back sessions in order to sleep some at night. Ditto the Magnesium Epsom Salt baths. Also find Life Flo Magnesium Oil - spray all over your skin to absorb as much magnesium as possible (please note though that after about 15 mins, your skin may feel itchy, red or start to feel burning. You can rinse off in the shower - take an epsom salt bath, or simply use a washcloth to wipe down.) Your body absorbs more Magnesium through skin than through food. Some think pain is due unbalanced ratio of Calcium to Magnesium - need more Magnesium - Try running Calcifications to help break down the calcium in your body - might help with pain. Maybe this will give you some ideas. I hope you find something that will help you relieve your pain.

3. My pain is from fibro/polymyalgia symptoms and using Magnesium frequencies via the Spooky database has virtually eliminated them, as long as I don't stop! I no longer take it orally. If you run the frequencies long enough you'll get what you need and not overdose. Likewise for Vitamin D. Just my thoughts.

4. Castor oil packs on liver might also be worth considering.

5. Try Hypochondrium Upper Abdomen XTRA in a healing shell preset. Also try programs for Ascites, and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. Budd-Chiari Syndrome KHZ may also be worth a try (all in healing preset). Programs for inflammation should help the pain.

6. It's my opinion you have to be doing complimentary protocols while detoxing, coffee enemas, wake up and drink warm water with lemon, lots of fresh carrot and parsley juice. You have to move along all the dead material the rife machine is creating, or your liver will get overwhelmed.

7. I have a theory that for people who are really sick and toxic it might be best to run immune and liver support type freqs for the first few weeks just to prepare yourself for the detox and killing. And also take the right supplements. Make sure you use the white remote for this.

8. Coffee enemas (utube) hepatic duct goes from large int backup to liver stimulating detox hold for 15min lying on your side, then expel after 15min use organic coffee prepared the normal way. also excellent for headaches.

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