Does anyone know the frequencies for destroying the AI nanobots? Any program sets developed for that yet?

Given the nature of your profile picture, may I take a leap of faith and presume you are a student of Disclosure?

If so, and you are referring to the AI, then those entities live and thrive in all electromagnetic and bio fields. Use of Spooky2 to remove them would be prove to be very difficult if not impossible since the energy would only come across as additional food to them.

Short of an EMP removing all energy fields for a period of time, I'm not sure what else would work that is within our level of tech.

If you are referring to actual physical nanobots that are under AI control, the level of tech would most likely be resistant as well to the level of tech we have.

Consider that the SSP has access to much great tech and even then, they treat the AI threat with much respect and it is a major battle for them. I have no idea how they remove the tech; however, I feel it is more than just a frequency involved.

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