If I connect two remote BN to generator directly, what should be the right connection? or if both remotes are MN? And does it matter if one is BN and another is MN? How to connect them?

When wiring remotes directly to the generator, there is no special requirement from a wiring perspective. You can only plug the remote directly into Out 1 or Out 2. However, when using the white (BN) remote, you need to enable the invert waveform option in the settings tab. This is the small check box you see to the right of the physical waveform graphical representation. For the black (MN) remote, you do not enable this option.

If you connect them in reverse, the waveform is no longer aligned to the magnetic bias of the remote. So when it wants to go positive it actually goes negative, and when it wishes to go negative, it actually goes positive.

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