I have a kid (6 year old) that sometimes cough strong at night. Like an allergy problem he does not rest well. This also causes asthma issues. Can spooky help with this problem?

1. It is quite likely that Spooky can help with this, although finding the real cause may take time.

I have used Spooky to reduce effects of some allergens, but there is no guarantee that your kid and I have the same cause, so may need a different program or frequency set to solve (to whatever extent possible) the issue.

2.That was my first success - fall ragweed allergies helped. Went from taking 3-5 OTC meds to their max dose every day to taking 1 pill some days.

My favorite sets for this:
Fall - ragweed
Spring - allergy pollen
Congestion, decongest, sinusitis, rhinitis are also run.

It also has runny nose. I use it if it is running back down my throat. A lot of time coughing is from drainage. Now when I run allergy pollen in with a 4 hour protocols- hits one frequency for 3 minutes every 4 hours then I do not have to take medicine unless I have been overly exposed to like a moldy area or outside too long. Well worth giving it a try, in my opinion.

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