We have a DDT in the MW database, as well as various vitamins and healing substances. What is the difference in how the program should be set up to remove the MW item, vs keep the MW item?

1. When the MW database was first added, there was an option to "Disintegrate" the item, but there were questions about the logic of having a single conversion to break down all substances, and how do we know that the pieces the substance being broken into are better than the substance being broken down, etc., so that option was removed.

At this time, I add the things I want to add and don't use the things I don't want to add. If I want to detox, I rely on the Maintenance Preset to keep the organ systems operating well and allow the body to clear t0he junk at a rate it deems adequate, rather than trying to push this toxic junk out. Obviously, if it hasn't killed me so far, the body has sequestered it away somewhere, and it will deal with it or not as applicable.

2. On page 128 of the 20170401 Spooky2 User's Guide, it says "This is important when you wish to destroy a compound by breaking its molecular bonds. Although there’s no consensus, there is evidence to suggest that the factor to to this is the square root of 2 – this is the default (ref. Harmonic Resonance: A Theorem, p20)"

The square root of 2 is the default value for Tissue Factor found on the System Tab.

To destroy a molecular compound in your body, in the Programs Tab check "Apply Tissue Factor to MW and BP Programs".

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