An 18 y.o. girl had serious brain trauma 8 years ago. Parents had been advised left girl to lunatic asylum. Can anybody tell his experience with posttraumatic brain fog?

1. Are the parents open to alternative medicine and treatments?
Do the parents have the financial capacity to seek help from doctors that practice functional medicine and therapists?

Assuming the parents are open to alternative healing and have the financial capacity I would proceed as follows:
1. Do a full scientific scan using bioresonance machine - have a baseline for future reference.
2. Tests for toxins, viral and bacterial infections, and parasites. Do lab tests and compare results to say bioresonance scanner.
3. Tests for adequate blood circulation in the brain. Is the heart okay? Is there constriction of blood vessels or capillaries?
4. Test brain lymphatic circulation and lymph drainage from the brain.
5. Comprehensive blood tests - get results from doctor & compare with bioresonance scanner.
6. Support gut microbiome and brain microbiome - Rerum & Bravo protocol. Seek expert advice from say Dr Heinz Reinwald re ketogenic diet.
7. Nutritional support.

The reason for doing independent tests is to be able to show the parents how accurate Bioresonance scanners are.

Once the above items have been done, then other levels of healing can be addressed. see 5 levels of healing

2. One extra: take 1) ginkgo biloba and the superfood for the brains >>> 2). Chlorella.

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