My skin decided to split open and leak clear liquid through the cracks of harden skin. I'm looking to run some repair programs for damaged skin.

1. I am researching skin issues, as I have eczema, and what comes up the most for me for recovery is eliminating "glyphosate ie pesticides from diet" (if using Roundup, pesticides in anyway, may want to release those from home, take to landfill) I myself have released vaccines, as I see they are responsible for this for many ie vaccine injury. Wash clothes with borax and other organic detergents, yes best to release toxic laundry detergents as these chemicals rub on to our bodies through our clothes 24/7. Consume organic diet, drink distilled water. I myself am rifing "glyphosate, and detox frequencies" and applying "colloidal silver" to my skin, and drinking it and am seeing skin get better. If can grow organic wheatgrass and apply that to skin, and drink it ie 1 oz or more a day, I myself find it a good strategy along with Spooky2. There are many strategies, these are the ones I am doing right now.

2. That looks like Pityriasis, which is flaking and scaling of the skin. There's a good program for this in the database. Also try Malassezia Furfur, a skin dwelling yeast. Eat three Brazil nuts every day for your daily quota of selenium.

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