Troubleshooting: Why do 2 of the generator's lights are off, but the programs appear to be running? Should I close and restart?

It means they have lost connection with the software. So if the generator is continuing to put out a frequency, it will be the same frequency over and over which will in time cause frequency fatigue.

Stop the program in the software or click global stop.
Secure the wires.

Can got to Utilities to rescan the devices to see if the software picks up the generator again. This rarely works for me.

If you have a long running program, jot down where it is in the Control tab - preset # and step # to reset it.

Restart the software.

Click Global (top page). Click restart so your generators hopefully go to the last running program. This generally does nit do the last running frequency. My programs always start back at preset 1, step 1. Thus why is good to write that down.

For more details, please check the link:

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    Ryan Lee

    My plasma cord snapped right in half at the attachment site to the phanotron bulb. I'm not even sure how this could happen as this as the cords are.. possible bad cable? It broke clean in half

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