Does Spooky2 emit EMF?

1. EMF - as relates to radio frequency waves can be very hard on one's health.

Spooky2 Remote does not use EMF or radio waves, but Scalar waves. These have not been indicated to cause any issues for anyone.

Even the Plasma energy from Spooky2 Central Plasma bulb, which is the most powerful and highest frequency, is more safe than other high energy sources due to Spooky's ability to use no carrier or a Dynamic Carrier so the powerful frequency is always changing and is a harmonic of the desired frequency to assist in the work being done - rather than putting a single frequency out constantly that is just an aid to signal penetration, but may be damaging.

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2. I've been concerned about this too since I live near a pylon which I think could have played a role in my cancer formation. I figured that Spooky2 only gives harmonious EMF but it would be nice for some clarification on that. I sleep surrounded by crystals and wear shungite and have moved the laptop as far from my bed as possible.

3. The EMF that causes cancer is generally higher frequency and/or higher power output than Spooky2 is using. Cell phones, etc. in the GHz range is a major source, or radio transmitter towers where the worker has to be close to the antennae are other major contributors.

4. It is about frequencies. There is natural EMF, which we need for life. Schumann, sunlight are among them. Bad EMF is what interferes with body functions. Spooky2 frequencies are designed to interfere with the functions of unhealthy bacteria etc. Thank goodness these frequencies are neutral to our body as there is no resonance. Other factors are the intensity and time. Living next door to a 100W cell phone tower is certainly unhealthy considering also the frequencies. Spooky2 works with rather low intensities except for plasma and that is only used for rather short time.

5. Well Power Lines EMF emit PF-EMF at 50-60Hz and there are tons of studies about the danger for DNA, Heart, and possibly cancer inducing. What is important is the intensity of the magnetic flux density, that is the one inducing electrons flowing even in living bodies. Most studies that showed damage from EMF at 50Hz, were conducted with an exposure of several hours per day with a magnetic flux density of 1-2,5 mT, which is 10-25 G, or 10000-25000 mG. A laptop LCD emits 20mG at 1 foot, which is already considered a huge amount cause EPA suggests to limit the exposure to a max of 2.5 mG. So I think that even without using an EMF meter, the EMFs from Spooky2 devices are quite low if used at a proper distance. Concerning contact mode, the current has very low specs in DC, and it's not used for very long sessions, so I wouldn’t be bothered.

Anyway if you are bothered, I think Scalar is your best bet along with remote. The great thing of scalar fields, is that they are made by building special coils, like bifilar coils or Mobius coils, so that current flows in opposite directions simultaneously, so that there is zero inductance (magnetic field/intensity of current), basically there's current flowing with no EMF. 

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